Google Ads


More Customers With Google

Launch Google Search Ads in minutes. Run them like the biggest brands in the industry. Shown will automate everything from creation to optimisation and help you reach your goals better than anyone.

Why Advertise On Google?

More than 6 billion daily searches worldwide.

Show ads only when people look for your product or service.

Pay only for people that are clicking on your ads.

Choose your Google Ad goal

Shown covers all major business goals. Choose one and then proceed to customising your ad.

Phone Calls

I want to receive more phone calls from potential customers.

Website Traffic

I want more people to visit my website.

Offline Visitors

I want more people to visit my physical store.

Online Leads

I want more people to sign up for my offers.

Define your target customer

Now let’s design your ad and find your audience. Who would you like to target? Where do they live? What’s their age, gender and interests?

Why choose Shown?

Online marketing is changing and platforms, such as Google, are improving daily and offer better results. With Shown, you can set-up your Google Ads in a few clicks and forget about it, as Shown will automatically create and optimise them.

One App To Manage Them All

Let Shown suggest you where you should appear to reach your goal. No more need for multiple ad accounts. Add Shown balance and distribute it across channels.

You Are in Good Company

More than 20 000 businesses trust Shown with their marketing and peace of mind. See what they have to say about us: